Dick Orkin – Voice Actor & Radio Producer with Lisa Orkin, Creative Director at Radio Ranch

Funny Business: Storytelling for the ‘Theatre of the Mind’

#43: Funny Business: Storytelling for the ‘Theatre of the Mind’

Dick Orkin, award-winning voice actor, radio producer, and creator of “The Chicken Man” joins the Business of Story podcast with his daughter, Lisa Orkin, to share how to make our business stories entertaining and memorable with humor.

What is more powerful than the theatre of the mind? In today’s Business of Story podcast, we’ll discuss how to turn your stories and ads into a 3-act play, including identifying a problem, making it personal, and then revealing the solution to a problem in a surprising way.

Learn how to craft compelling stories and ads from the best in the advertising business with Dick Orkin, who has won almost every award out there for his inventive, creative copywriting at Radio Ranch. Before becoming Creative Director of Radio Ranch, Lisa Orkin made a name for herself with acting, voice-0vers, writing, producing, and her hilarious podcast, Honestly Lisa.

After listening, start crafting your compelling business story with our new storytelling strategy workbook. 

Resources:   • Chicken Man • The Secret Adventures of the Tooth Fairy • Stan Freberg • “It Only Hurts When I Laugh,” by Stan Freberg • Bob and Ray • Nichols and May • Marie Forleo • Danielle LaPorte • Serial • The Message • Myths and Legends
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