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#194: How to Create a Healthy Brand Story

#194: How to Create a Healthy Brand Story 

Big pharma has taken over television advertising with its brand storytelling for every conceivable medication while the natural supplement industry counters with organic health advice and products. But there is an immense amount of misinformation on both sides of the drug store aisle. This week’s show introduces you to a man and a brand that is out to combat what he calls the “horsesh!t quackery” in the drug and natural supplement businesses that consumers have to navigate.

Brand storytelling, drug industry, natural supplements, sales and marketing.

Neal Smoller, holistic pharmacist and founder of Woodstock Vitamins, is using brand storytelling to help consumers make the right health and wellness decisions for themselves. Following years as a pharmacist, Neal began recommending natural supplements and lifestyle changes to help his customer increase and maintain their health. But he was frustrated by the impotent supplements he found everywhere in the market. So he applied his pharmaceutical training to find and offer natural supplements that actually work.

People come to Woodstock Vitamins as much for Neal’s unvarnished advice as they do the products that he offers. His show, The Big Mouth Pharmacist podcast, is just one example of how he uses storytelling to build his brand. Neal used the Story Cycle System™ to craft his brand story for Woodstock Vitamins and he leans on the And, But & Therefore (ABT) narrative framework to focus all of his messaging.

“Get out there, tell your story and hone it down as best you can but know that it is an evolving thing that will always be changing and that’s completely fine, that is how it is supposed to work,” Neal said.

According to Neal, once you understand who you really are, mastering how you use the ABT in your brand storytelling will set you apart from competitors much larger than your own company.

Topics Discussed in this Episode

  • Learn why understanding your company’s “who you are” is extremely important to standing out amongst competitors and gaining the trust of customers
  • Learn why the ABT framework is so important to tell your company’s “who you are” story
  • Understand how your story will evolve
  • How artificial intelligence (AI) may be disruptive to the pharmaceutical world

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