Jennifer Keitt – Life Coach & Talk Show Host

How Finding Your Story Can Set You Free

#58: How Finding Your Story Can Set You Free

What story have you been telling yourself every day? Are you following your passion? Jennifer Keitt, life coach and host of The Jennifer Keitt Show, joins the Business of Story Podcast to discuss how to own your personal story and follow it to success. Through defining your personal story, you’ll be able to discover your true path. 

To have a successful recognized personal brand, owning your name and content is crucial. Taking the time to redefine your personal story will help drive your future success. After taking a big risk and making a shift in her career, Jennifer created and produced The Jennifer Keitt Show, which is now a highly popular and successful radio show.

Jennifer discusses why it’s critical to get out of your comfort zone and create a positive attitude. She also shares tips and advice about the importance of owning your current story so you can create a new one, surrounding yourself with encouragement, and selling your new story to the world.

If you redefine your story, you’ll redefine yourself.

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