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#281: 11 Hypnotic Words That Sell in Your Brand Storytelling

#281: 11 Hypnotic Words That Sell in Your Brand Storytelling

Do you remember a time when a customer shared a pain-point that your product or solution was perfectly designed to solve, and in sharing your offering, you lost their interest? Or even worse, you were accused of trying to make a buck off their misery?  It sucked because you not only lost the sale, but the customer’s problem went unresolved as well.

But what if by simply choosing specific words, you can steer your customer in the direction you want? 

Today Hypnotic Influence Expert, Jason Linett, shares how to choose words or phrases that guide your audience into visualizing experiences that bypass their mental blocks and result in the outcome you (and they) want. 

Discussed in this Episode

  • How to determine which words to use to inspire people to take action
  • Why the words you chose when communicating with your customers can either bypass their mental blocks or create them
  • How the power of ambiguity (if correctly utilized in your storytelling) influences your customer’s decision-making in the way you intend 
  • How you can use specific words to invite your audience to create their own representations and why by doing so you will yield better results

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