Chad Burmeister

#275: How to Leverage AI to Amplify Your Sales Stories

#275: How to Leverage AI to Amplify Your Sales Stories

If you are curious about how artificial intelligence could help your business, you are not alone. AI can solve problems across the board and dramatically improve sales performance.

But, anytime human tasks are replaced by technology, you run the risk of de-humanizing your brand, resulting in disengaged customers who turn to your competitors to meet their needs.

So, how can you leverage the power of AI while personalizing each customer experience? Chad Burmeister, CEO of ScaleX.ai, shares how to use AI to better understand your customers and deliver the right sales stories at the right time to exponentially grow your brand and business.

Discussed in this Episode

  • How to personalize your marketing and outreach efforts using AI
  • How ScaleX.ai humanizes AI in their sale funnel and how YOU can humanize AI in your sale funnel
  • The questions you must ask yourself and explore to see if you are living into your most powerful story
  • How to utilize your personal brand story to ensure you are aligned with your talents, passion, and purpose and what to do if you are not aligned

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