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Julian Mather - Founder of Tailor Made Career

#76: How To Make Amazing Story Marketing Videos For Your Brand

#76: How To Make Amazing Story Marketing Videos For Your Brand

You don’t have to go any further than Facebook Live to know that story marketing videos are all the rage. And it’s a storytelling trend that is growing exponentially.

While it can be intimidating to enter into this new world of visual storytelling, there are many easy steps you can follow to make fantastic videos without spending lots of money.

On another and yet equally important note, sometimes we are ready for a career shift but are too afraid to make the change. But just like learning a new medium for storytelling, everyone can leverage their existing knowledge to create a more fulfilling and lucrative career at any age.

I met today’s guest when he reached out to me after hearing our episode with Pam Smith last June. Her show was so moving that he was inspired to actually change his career path at age 55.

Julian Mather will share his story of how he went from being an army sniper to decades of work shooting film and video for such organizations as National Geographic and the BBC. He also shares his experience as a cinematographer to teach us how we can use video to capture our brand narratives in our story marketing. He’ll teach us how we can use video from something as simple as our iPhones to create amazing footage.

Julian has recently created a program for people looking to make a career shift that guides them through leveraging their expertise to start a new business. As he says: “This world doesn’t need more information, it needs more wisdom.”

In This Show, You’ll Learn:

  • Why it’s completely possible to craft a new and more fulfilling career at any age
  • How to make fantastic videos for your brand without spending lots of money
  • How to use basic three-act structure to enhance all of your storytelling

Key Quotes

“Never open a restaurant unless you’ve got a starving crowd.—@JulianMather (click to tweet)

I just see opportunities everywhere.” —@JulianMather (click to tweet)

“It’s only when you let go that you can start the fresh chapter in your life.” —@JulianMather (click to tweet)

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