Mike Martin – Vice President of Operations at Brokk Inc

#59: How to Make Your Brand Story Your Customers’ Story

#59: How to Make Your Brand Story Your Customers’ Story

Are you asking your customers the right questions, and listening to what they have to say? This is how successful brands connect with audiences and control the conversation surrounding their brand story.

PA-05 (Army Knife)Once you get your audience on the same page, you can guide the conversation to your brand’s solutions to their problems and convert them into a customer. An experienced player at this game is Mike Martin, VP of Operations at Brokk Inc, the world’s leading supplier of remote controlled demolition machines.

Sales professionals can especially benefit from Mike’s expertise, since Mike has extensive experience in sales tactics that generate long-term results. Mike shares the key questions he always asks potential customers. And the way he makes his customers’ stories work for his brands. Although there are a lot of different ways to communicate with customers now, person-to-person communication and understanding always comes first.

It’s also part of another strategy Mike shares that will help you multiply your client list by utilizing your current clients. Learn tips to get to know your customers, control your story, and how to use stories to close the sale.

Start owning your brand story by clarifying it today with the Business of Story interactive brand story workbook. 

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