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#401: How to Use Ultrasonic Storytelling in the Manufacturing Industry

#401: How to Use Ultrasonic Storytelling in the Manufacturing Industry

You have an amazing product or service and are pumped to share stories about how you’ve revolutionized your industry through your innovation.

But few people seem to care. Why?

Because you lead your communications with logical arguments and reasoned rationale when what your audience really wants is the emotional pull of a story.

One of my favorite videos that humorously demonstrates this insight is found in this engineer’s jargon-laced presentation about the Entabulator.

I believe we can all learn a lesson here, and that is people don’t buy what you make but what you make happen. Outcomes trump your offering every time.

No one knows that better than today’s guest, Allan Reinstra. He is co-owner of a 50-year-old technology “startup” headquartered in Brussels, Belgium called SDT Ultrasound. His primary role is director of international business development overseeing sales and marketing in all countries outside of Europe.

Allan is a hands-on company visionary who is equally comfortable crawling around the dark bits of a factory or addressing an audience of manufacturing engineers to get to the root of their problem and find a solution.

In 2011, he co-authored the book Hear More: A Guide to Using Ultrasound for Lead Detection and Monitor. His next book, Ultrasound, Beyond the Essentials, is due out in 2023.

Allan believes encourages all of his people to:

    1. Know your audience so you can tell them the right story the right way. For example, if your audience is a busy executive, know they are already distracted before you begin. You have less than 15 seconds to un-distract them so get to your point. Your story needs to tell them what it is and how it will make their life better. But they don’t care how it works. Trying to explain that positions you as a braggart and puts them to sleep at the same time. Do you really want to be remembered as “that boring guy from engineering”?
    2. Tell your story for the right reason. If your outcome is to brag or position yourself as superior, perhaps you should reconsider. The fact that you have an audience of any size is proof you already have their respect. Don’t listen to respond, listen because you care and want to contribute to a solution.
    3. As we mature the opportunity to pay forward our experiences become most rewarding. Young listeners might not see it yet, but if you have an older “white-haired” mentor, realize that they are not just there to help you. It actually makes us feel damn good to inspire tomorrow’s citizens.

Discussed in this episode:

  1. How to use the ABT to communicate complex messages in the manufacturing world
  2. Growing a manufacturing company using storytelling
  3. Why complex thinkers need to humanize their communications using stories.


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