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#381: How to Scale Your Storytelling With Measurable Success Metrics

#381: How to Scale Your Storytelling With Measurable Success Metrics

I met today’s guest, Kyle Porter, while being in a panel discussion with him, Tamsen Webster and Miri Rodriquez on the Christine Gritmon Social Media Pulse podcast.

I was impressed with Kyle’s background and how he learned to use storytelling in his brand work, especially the use of The Hero’s Journey. We all follow this monomythic structure that shapes our epic and mundane life events popularized by America’s foremost mythologist Joseph Campbell.

How to Use the Story Cycle System™ to craft spellbinding stories for your brand.

But if you’re not paying attention to where you are while on your Hero’s Journey, then you may find yourself lost.

Today we talk about how you can use this mythic story structure to scale your storytelling and measure your achievements along the way.

Kyle Porter is Conklin Media’s Director of Strategy out of Atlanta, Georgia. He’s responsible for organizing the overall direction of client campaigns, making sure that clients are able to meet their business goals and coordinating the work that each of our departments do on client projects.

Kyle uses storytelling frameworks to not only ensure the organizations he represents are on the right path to success, but to build the trusted bonds and relationships we all need to succeed.

“You have to take the time to show people that they’re important to you,” he says. “It’s the little things you do day after day that really build that strong foundation.”

For Kyle, the North Star is always making sure that clients get a clear return on their investment. He believes that we have an obligation to be clear about the business results we’re getting and the value that we’re providing.

Outside of work, Kyle loves to hang out with his kids, take his wife on dates, play with his dogs, and hit the gym. He’s also a big Georgia Bulldogs football fan and an avid reader (mostly marketing books with some epic fantasy mixed in too).

Discussed in this episode:

  • The power of intervals and metrics in your brand storytelling.
  • What is the Profit Path and how do you follow it for success.
  • How to contextual your balm for their pain.
  • The importance of listing your customers’ expectations
  • Why engagement is the wrong thing to measure.
  • How to use the Hero’s Journey monomyth as your storytelling guide.


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