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#227: How to Prepare for a Media Interview Like a Boss

#227: How to Prepare for a Media Interview Like a Boss

All of us have interviewed at some point or another, and you know that leaving a great impression is imperative because successful interviews are a gateway to better careers, earned press and publicity, and opportunities in general. But, even with an abundance of confidence and expertise, there is still the potential for a botched performance. You see, confidence and expertise don’t mean much if you have not diligently prepared. In this episode, learn how to prepare for any interview so you can confidently convey your expertise and increase your influence.

There is no one with more expertise to share on this than my guest, Steve Kosch, an entrepreneur and former on-air personality with the Weather Channel and CNN. Steve has founded the Media Training Network where he prepares CEOs, executives, politicians, athletes, and speakers from around the world on how to interview like a boss. He’ll help you make the most of your interview opportunities in print, radio, and TV by sharing the proven techniques that he teaches his clients.

Proper preparation begins first (like many topics we have covered on our show) with identifying and understanding your audience. You should be able to ask yourself and answer why your audience should want to hear your story, why should they care, and how it relates to their lives.

The better you know who your audience is, the better you can communicate in a language that they understand and provide value to their lives. ~Steve Kosch

With that information, you can begin to think about how to frame your call to action in order to achieve the result you intend. And while many interviewees fear a call to action will turn off their audience, instead, properly prepared calls to action do the opposite. This is because once you understand what your audience seeks, you can craft a call to action that serves their needs and satisfies your goal.

Your audience wants to feel like you are serving them, not yourself. So if you craft one with the attitude that you are going to help people, then it will become much more natural. ~Steve Kosch

Discussed in this Episode

  • When and why simplified stories are necessary
  • How story is fundamental for successful interviews
  • How your nonverbal communication affects the credibility of your story
  • The importance of understanding your audience in preparation for an interview

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