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#404: How to Turn Moments into Movements With Your Social Media Storytelling

#404: How to Turn Moments into Movements With Your Social Media Storytelling

Have you participated in any of the Social Media Strategies Summits that are offered year-round to make you a better marketer?

They are NOT a sponsor of this podcast.

But they have invited me to be a mentor in their sessions. In return, one of the perks is access to their amazing speakers for my show.

I am delighted to host on today’s show Brittany Cabriales who, for nearly a decade,  has helped build GoFundMe social channels from the ground up with heartfelt, authentic storytelling.

Her ideas and content have helped turn GoFundMe from a “little website that’s kinda like Kickstarter” into a household name, known by millions across the globe.

Today Brittany shares how they use brand storytelling in different ways on different channels. For instance, their Twitter feed focuses on stories that are relevant to breaking news while GoFundMe uses Instagram to pull at the heartstrings.

They’re still experimenting with TikTok.

Plus, Brittany shares some pretty cool stories about the impact GoFundMe is having on people who have simply summoned the courage to ask for help.

It must be working, because GoFundMe has raised more than $15 billion in donations from 120 million donors since its inception in 2010.

As a huge proponent of organic social strategies, Brittany’s current work focuses on blending social media trends and conversations with cultural insights to create meaningful brand moments and drive business growth.

Brittany said, “We know that asking for help is hard, but every day through GoFundMe’s content, we strive to tell a different story: that help is powerful, it connects us all, and everyone should feel safe asking for it. From small moments to big movements, our storytelling is meant to inspire and empower our followers—to think, to give, to be kinder, and to look for the good happening in the world.

Discussed in this episode:

  1. Help is hard to ask for.
  2. The importance of being agile to create more relevant content.
  3. Creating stories that follow a theme or word to build brand association.
  4. “Show, don’t sell” and how to create successful calls-to-action


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