Robert Tighe

#342: Is Your Origin Story Working for You?

#342: Is Your Origin Story Working for You?

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.” Steve Jobs.

As business leaders, we constantly have our blinders focused on tomorrow.

But if you can take time out and reflect on your past experiences, you will find the scenes that shape your authentic origin story that inform your future. 

So what is your backstory? How do you use it to grab the attention of your audience and build that trust and likeability for your brand?

Meet the origin story guy, Robert Tighe, CEO and founder of, well, Origin Stories. Robert has been working with words for 20 years, initially as an award-winning journalist and more recently as a copywriter, storytelling consultant and number-one bestselling ghostwriter. 

Previously he was the New Zealand Country Editor for The Red Bulletin, an adventure lifestyle magazine published by Red Bull, before he started his own company to help businesses tell better stories. He works with founders, owners, entrepreneurs, business leaders and consultants to find and tell their Origin Stories and share them with the world. Telling better stories enables leaders to clarify their purpose so they can communicate with confidence, connect with stakeholders and lead with purpose.

Listen as we explore the three different stages of your life you need to uncover so that you can find the stories that shaped you, changed you and defined you, the importance of story selection, the power of reframing to reinterpret your past to your advantage and how reflecting on your story can help you ask the question ‘What do you want to be known for?’ 


Discussed in this episode 

  • How to translate your purpose and business philosophy into a powerful message to help your audience understand what makes you tick
  • The three important questions you must ask yourself to help you identify your origin story and gain a better understanding of who you are today
  • How you can influence what people think about you by painting yourself in the best possible light
  • Finding the right backstory to tell when you feel like you don’t have a good story to share or if you feel nobody would want to hear it
  • Identifying the common themes in your life experiences that has had a significant impact on what you do now
  • Getting over the fears of sharing your stories and putting yourself out there
  • How you can reframe your unique experiences you think are cathartic but hold value as being your truth

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