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#238: How to Overcome Life’s Body Blows With Your Story

#238: How to Overcome Life’s Body Blows With Your Story

As human beings, we share a desire to find purpose. And more often than not, our purpose becomes a part of our identity. But as it is in life, not everything goes as planned and sometimes we are faced with the realization that we are not living out our true purpose. This can feel like a real body blow. If we don’t know how to reshape how we see ourselves, we may not get back up. So, learn how to mitigate life’s inevitable blows with the power of story.

Joining me in this episode is Nosa Eguae, an NCAA National Champion football player and a first-generation Nigerian-American speaker, philanthropist, and social entrepreneur. Nosa has experienced many of life’s body blows, but it was because of a severe blow that he found his real mission in life: eradicating the “Disease of Low Expectation” in athletes and young people. He is here today to share with you how you too can find and live out your true purpose.

Beyond the disappointment of realizing that the vision you had for yourself is no longer relevant is the challenge of finding what your new narrative will be. You have to reframe your story and how you see yourself, which requires you to really examine your past and current narrative and become vulnerable.

My purpose of eradicating the disease of low expectation really began with self-actualization where I really examined my story and how it was evolving. ~Nosa Eguae

Once you arrive at your true purpose, it’s imperative you share that anecdote with others so that they can see your true potential.

The greatest lesson I learned was how to tell my story in a way where people understood that I was more than an athlete, and because of that they championed around who I was going to become before I became. ~Nosa Eguae

Discussed in this Episode

  • Why your personal brand story should never stop evolving
  • How knowing your story helps you better identify and say “no” to what doesn’t serve you
  • How sharing your story can attract opportunities

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