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#443: Using Storytelling to Hire Epic Managers For Your Business

#443: Using Storytelling to Hire Epic Managers For Your Business

The beautiful thing about crafting your brand narrative using the Story Cycle System™ is that you grow your storytelling chops in the process.

Just ask Ross Weisman. We helped Ross and his family create the brand narrative strategy for their start-up franchise called Current Meditation, the “modern” mindfulness experience.

What he learned about how to craft and tell compelling stories that sell he has applied to his new venture called Epic Managers.

They help recruit, train and retain top managers for franchisees using business storytelling as their strategic communications model.

Even the name Epic Managers came from Ross’ immersion in the Business of Story process.

On today’s show, Ross shares his experiences in the franchise world. He discusses the importance of creating a brand that is accessible and modern, and how the concept of mental fitness became a central theme.

You will also learn the process of developing your brand personality and the nine one-word descriptors that guided your storytelling flywheel.

Finally, he introduces Epic Managers, a company that recruits top talent managers for franchise businesses and applies storytelling principles to help franchisees find and retain quality managers.

Epic Managers aims to elevate the role of managers in the franchise industry. They recognize the challenges faced by managers and provide support and guidance to help them succeed.

Discussed in this episode:

  1. How you will elevate your storytelling skills when you craft your brand story.
  2. Why storytelling is crucial to get your people to perform at their best.
  3. The naming of Epic Managers reflects the importance of managers as heroes in the business.
  4. Becoming a manager is a journey that requires continuous learning and development.


  • 00:00 Introduction and Background
  • 08:08 Franchise World and Early Experiences
  • 13:06 Working in the Franchise World
  • 19:18 Creating the Brand Story for Current Meditation
  • 22:30 Brand Positioning and Unique Value Proposition
  • 23:57 Brand Personality and Archetypes
  • 28:24 Nine One-Word Descriptors
  • 30:31 Brand Purpose and Moral of the Story
  • 33:44 Applying Storytelling to Epic Managers
  • 47:53 The Role of Managers in Epic Managers
  • 49:01 The Naming of Epic Managers
  • 50:06 Elevating Managers to Heroes
  • 51:18 The Journey of Becoming a Manager
  • 52:11 Closing Remarks


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