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#425: What Reiki Energy Healing and Leadership Storytelling Have in Common

#425: What Reiki Energy Healing and Leadership Storytelling Have in Common

Being embodied in her highest calling as an energy healer and guide was not always Grace’s reality.

Years ago, Grace was at her lowest point – burnt out in her career, trapped in a toxic relationship, and facing anxiety and chronic shoulder pain. Energy healing allowed her, as she says, “to take a deep breath of fresh air after being suffocated.”

As she healed herself, she left her job and toxic relationship, called in her soulmate, and followed her highest calling to treat individuals through Reiki and transformational energy healing.

Grace is the founder of Forward With Grace, the first spiritual consultancy of its kind facilitating transformations for CEOs, celebrities, and high-powered individuals from Silicon Beach to Malibu along with leading companies such as the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, Toms, Talkspace, Revolve, Dermalogica, and LiquidIV.

Her Reiki process focuses on self-reflection and helps you uncover the core moments and values that have shaped your journey.

Through storytelling techniques like crafting compelling narratives and using emotion and vivid imagery, Grace can make your stories memorable and impactful. Additionally, she emphasizes the importance of simplicity, distilling complex ideas into clear and concise messages.

Discussed in this episode:

  1. Live an Awakened and Aligned Life in 3 Easy Steps
  2. How to Show Up as the CEO of Your Life, Follow “The Pull,” and Live In Flow
  3. Why Energy Healing Is A “Shortcut” to Growth


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