Michele Rosenthal

#343: 9 Steps to Rewiring a More Potent Story

#343: 9 Steps to Rewiring a More Potent Story

Overcoming trauma can be immensely dark. It can suck the life out of you and keep you stuck in a negative place of hate, unworthiness and self-destructiveness.

But how do you use your trauma to heal and take back control of your life? What would you do if the rug was completely pulled out from underneath you and the once great world you were living in completely fell apart? Would you choose to turn towards the light or remain stuck in fear?

Trauma survivor Michele Rosenthal suffered a horrific ordeal at just the age of thirteen which was supposed to be a routine antibiotic to treat a routine infection but her world soon turned into chaos when she experienced an undiscovered allergy to the medication leaving her as a full-body burn victim. She had a near-death experience that rocked her to the core.

Having struggled with PTSD for almost thirty years, she affectionately calls her recovery process a “healing rampage.” It worked. Michele achieved 100% recovery. Almost fifteen years later she remains symptom-free and dedicates her career to creating customized concierge trauma recovery programs for mid-life professionals who want to end habits of fear, grief, guilt, shame, loss, sadness, anger, sleep disturbance, stress, or identity loss – and instead experience emotional control, confidence, and calm.

Michelle is also an award-nominated author, poet, and former playwright, who started a blog about her recovery from a major trauma she experienced in her youth. She is a Board Certified Hypnotist, Certified Professional Coach and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. She has an award-winning educational PTSD website that continues to tell the story (and offered space for other survivors to tell theirs) and went on to write an award-nominated memoir that tells my entire survivor (and recovery) story from beginning to end.

She is a popular keynote speaker having trained professionals and inspired audiences across the country for such organizations as the Department of Children and Family Services, JFK Comprehensive Cancer Institute, Bethesda Women’s Health Center, Susan G. Komen, and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. As a trauma recovery specialist, she has been seen in media including CBS, NBC, The Washington Post, Newsday, Psychology Today, Ladies Home Journal, and The Dennis Miller Show rely on Michele for her insights. 

Today we’re exploring the nine steps to rewiring a story of trauma that is currently holding you back, dampening your career and even slowing the growth of your company because the power of that story is wielding over you. Learn how to remove the layers of your trauma so that you can effortlessly change your story.


Discussed in this episode 

  • Defining and understanding trauma and the impact it has on our brain and body
  • Rewiring the effects of unconscious programming to release the shame and blame 
  • Finding meaning to healing your PTSD
  • Why you need to change how you feel about the past to alter how you experience the present and embody the future you want
  • The three acts that will give you the basis to create your story of redemption, evolution and transformation
  • The importance of reconnecting with yourself through joy and desire to create your new identity 
  • How to move from chaos into clarity so you can reclaim back your control and power over your own story 

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