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#328: How Sales Managers Use Storytelling to Coach Their Teams to Success

#328: How Sales Managers Use Storytelling to Coach Their Teams to Success

Most Sales Managers often feel selling is daunting and you want to find a way where it feels good, authentic and easy so you can drive your team into action and accelerate your sales growth.

But you have to ditch that sales mentality! You have to change your whole communication approach by shifting your focus onto your audience. Make them the star of the story. When you switch your perspective and start seeing yourself as a person who is there to help solve their problems as opposed to being a salesperson forcing to seal the deal, that’s when your brand story will quickly connect, stand out from the pack and get you the results you want.

A former chemist turned superstar sales strategist, Wesleyne Greer is here to teach us how she found her brand story and was able to separate herself from the hordes of undifferentiated sales consultants to design her own unbeatable market category. 

With over 12 years of sales and leadership experience, Wesleyne knows the challenges that come from being able to stay at the top of your game. She is the founder of Transformed Sales where she coaches underperforming sales managers and empowers them to become confident sales leaders. 

She is an in-demand sales strategist specifically for STEM companies earning numerous accolades, including multiple “Sales Team of the Year” and “Sales Excellence” awards. She has impressively managed multi-million-dollar teams by keeping a strong focus on understanding sales leadership derives from both coaching to develop leadership skills and outside-the-box strategies so that every team member can become a sales superstar to bring in repeatable sales.

Today, you’ll learn how Wesleyne focused her brand story to stand for something she cares about that makes her stand out, how to use storytelling to coach your teams, and how you can use the ABT as a powerful sales listening tool. 


Discussed in this episode

  •  Why you need to understand sales is actually a simple process of teaching people in helping solve their problems to become a better salesperson
  • The importance of attaining the paradigm of what sales mean to you and adopting the mindset that you’re not selling a product but rather an idea
  • How to find your unique stand point in your brand storytelling that will differentiate you and your business in the lens of your audience
  • Why you should be niching down and getting specifically clear on who are speaking to in order to attract the right audience
  • How to use the ABT as a powerful listening tool to showcase your customer as the hero of the story
  • How to use the force of the ABT to effectively conduct your discovery calls to drive in the sales


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