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#410: How ESPN’s Social Media Team Uses Storytelling to Score Big Time

#410: How ESPN’s Social Media Team Uses Storytelling to Score Big Time

You, like everyone else, are battling in the most competitive arena of communication that we’ve ever experienced.

Social media, where everyone believes they’re a superstar.

Like an Ali jab, if you can get your messages to land right the first time, every time, then you’ll have the impact on the audiences you seek.

But you’re messages aren’t winning because they’re lackluster. Listless. Lathargic, to keep this alliteration going.

Mitchell Clements, Social Media Creative Manager at ESPN is here to share with you some of the most creative ways ESPN tells their sports stories online.

From breaking news to highlight plays and athlete accomplishments, storytelling is a fundamental part of ESPN’s brand, it’s all about storytelling to our-compete their rivals who are reporting on the same sports moments.

Mitchell will also be a featured speaker at the upcoming Social Media Strategies Summit virtual conference, where he’ll be sharing even more insights on storytelling in the sports media world. I’m honored to be the MC for this exciting event, and I encourage all our listeners to reserve their seats now.

Discussed in this episode:

  1. The challenges of storytelling on social media, where the competition is fierce, and the attention spans are short.
  2. How to capture your audience’s attention within the first few seconds of a post and keep them engaged until the end.
  3. We explore how creativity is key to standing out in a crowded social media landscape, and how ESPN’s creative team uses storytelling to differentiate themselves from their competitors.
  4. The importance of trust and accountability when it comes to sharing stories with your audience.


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