Sarah Santacroce

#292: How to Kill It With Your Story of Kindness

#292: How to Kill It With Your Story of Kindness

Some people think that business often requires a level of cut-throat confidence. And for some industries that may be partially true. But we also forget that empathy and kindness can often get you the same results.

Today’s guest will show you how. Sarah Santacroce is the founder of  The Gentle Business Revolution, a global movement of people with common values who come together and support one another in all areas of life and business, and their goal is to bring more empathy and kindness to the business world. 

Sarah is the author of The Gentle Marketing Revolution: Grow Your Business Your Way With Kindness and the host of The Gentle Business Revolution podcast, a show that features guests who are creating sustainable businesses that help make a positive impact in the world. 

Sarah says that selling ourselves is hard, especially as an introvert, as she is. Funny enough it’s one of her superpowers to position other people in the spotlight and make them shine on LinkedIn, without coming over as boasting and sleazy. Listen to hear her insights on how you can succeed – and be kind – in your business.

Discussed in this Episode

  • Why it feels scary to be authentic sometimes and how to show up authentically for your customers and clients
  • How introverts can succeed in sales
  • Why it’s critical to have an optimized LinkedIn profile to showcase your true self to grow your personal brand and business


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