Jaclyn Lambert and Britt Klontz

#269: The Role of Storytelling in Digital PR

#269: The Role of Storytelling in Digital PR

Digital public relations is like gambling, because you are not going to win every time. This can be discouraging especially when your online presence directly affects your brand’s reputation. But your digital PR efforts don’t have to be a blind bet.

By utilizing a potent three-step process, you can ensure your chances of a win are much higher. On this week’s episode, digital public relations pros Britt Klontz and Jaclyn Lambert share how to use their magic formula to help you win big with your story-placement efforts.

Episode #10: Britt + Jackie Self-Reflect on Season 1

Discussed in this Episode

  • Tips and advice on how to create, pitch and share meaningful content in digital public relations
  • How to determine the emotional impact your audience may feel from a story and why this matters
  • What not to do when it comes to pitching ideas and stories in the digital PR world
  • The challenges COVID-19 has brought to the PR world and how to overcome these challenges

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