Gavin Hammar, Desiree Martinez, Andrew Bartolotta, Sophia Rabe

#236: Strategies for Powerful Storytelling on Social Media

#236: Strategies for Powerful Storytelling on Social Media

A lot goes into being successful on social media. First, you must be able to tell great stories and then get them found online. But even if you craft a great narrative there is a good chance it will never be acknowledged if it is not shared with your audience in the right ways. And from experience, I know nothing causes more despair than watching your perfectly curated anecdote become buried in the cacophony of content that we all compete against. So, avoid having your content ignored by learning how to use specific strategies to craft and share your stories.

For this episode I am joined by four of some of the best content marketing experts to share insights on the most powerful tools and techniques they have discovered for better brand communication online: Gavin Hammar, founder of the online storytelling platform Sendible, Desiree Martinez, founder of All-In-One Social Media, Andrew Bartolotta, Director of Digital Media at cityCURRENT, and Sophia Rabe, founder and CEO of Olive + Milo Social Studio.

Creating meaningful content online really begins with first understanding who your audience is and understanding what they find valuable.

This creates a huge shift in perception because once your content provides value, your audience will begin to pay attention. But just because you have their attention doesn’t mean they will do what you say. That requires trust.

We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in. ~Gavin Hammar

You need to be authentic and human in your content to get people to pay attention and trust what you say. ~Gavin Hammar

And what better way to build and maintain trust than through the power of story?

It’s not just B2B or B2C anymore, it’s really human to human interaction so it’s keeping that personality and who you are at the forefront and that is done through storytelling. ~Andrew Bartolotta

In order to build, grow, and be present, you have to be consistent. ~Desiree Martinez

Consistency is important because it will help increase engagements and the algorithm favors it. ~Sophia Rabe

Tune in to hear how Gavin Hammar, founder of online storytelling platform Sendible, and three of his clients share best practices on how to make your stories work on social media to grow your business and those of your clients.

Discussed in this Episode

  • How to create engaging content
  • How to increase your social media presence
  • How to create content that provides tremendous value for your customers
  • How to use social media to grow your business and those of your clients
  • How to move from being an intuitive storyteller to an intentional storyteller
  • Why storytelling is fundamental for all of the above

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