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#448: How to Turn Boring Product Marketing Into Vibrant Visual Stories That Sell

#448: How to Turn Boring Product Marketing Into Vibrant Visual Stories That Sell

You know the adage that your product marketing is not about what you make but what you make happen for your customers.

Stories about outcomes are far more compelling to your customers than boring bullet points of product features and functions.

But the majority of marketing in the business-to-business world is wasted because it’s product-centric versus customer-centric.

Our guest today, Steven Winkler, former Global Marketing Leader at HP, shares his experience with the power of visual storytelling in marketing.

Hear his fascinating journey from the world of tech and digital marketing to leading global marketing teams.

Steve dives deep into the hurdles and triumphs of bringing visual storytelling to the forefront at HP. One of the strategies was shifting from product-focused photography to storytelling that puts the audience at the center.

And you won’t believe the impact it had on the company’s marketing efforts.

Discussed in this episode:

  1. Visual storytelling is a powerful tool in marketing that can create emotional connections with audiences.
  2. Empathy is essential in storytelling, as it allows marketers to see things from the audience’s perspective and create relatable content.
  3. B2B marketing doesn’t have to be boring; storytelling can bring life and emotion to even the most technical industries.
  4. Authenticity and real-world scenarios are key in visual storytelling, as they help create a genuine connection with the audience.


  • 00:00 Introduction and Small Talk
  • 02:04 Steve’s Backstory and Journey into Marketing
  • 06:35 Transition into Tech and Digital Marketing
  • 10:01 Joining a Startup and the Rise of SEO
  • 12:22 Working at College Club and the Power of Guerrilla Marketing
  • 14:35 Transition to Auto Anything and the Importance of Attribution
  • 16:34 Joining HP and the Challenge of Online Sales
  • 19:30 Moving into Global Marketing and Leading a Team
  • 20:31 Transitioning from Data-Driven Marketing to Visual Storytelling
  • 27:56 The Evolution of HP’s Visual Storytelling Approach
  • 31:09 Shifting the Focus to the Audience and Selling the Outcome
  • 35:17 The Underutilization of Storytelling in B2B Marketing
  • 38:23 The Importance of Empathy in Storytelling
  • 41:06 Steve’s Approach to Storytelling and Creating Authentic Imagery
  • 46:54 Steve’s Future Endeavors and the Value of Storytelling


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