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Jen Dille, Licensee and Co-Organizer of TEDxGilbert

#152: How to Make Your First TEDx Talk a Hit

#152: How to Make Your First TEDx Talk a Hit

Personal brand storytelling TED Talk at TEDxGilbert

Taking the plunge to pursue a new dream or idea can be a scary thing. Your passion pulls you into the project but your persistence pulls you through it. Just ask Jen Dille.  Earlier this year, she and her daughter Mara produced their first TED event; TEDxGilbert. But it wasn’t without obstacles that this dream became a reality.

Personal brand storytelling in TED Talk at TEDxGilbert

I was honored to be one of their speakers. My first TEDx Talk. And it took much more time and effort to produce my presentation than I had anticipated. So Jen and I got together on this episode to talk about our collective firsts: what goes into pulling off something you’ve never done before.

Jen Dille wears many hats. She is a mom of four. And a project manager for Sure Spark Marketing. And now the TEDxGilbert producing veteran.

TEDx is a local TED talk event that is put on independently by a member of the community. But there’s more to it than just booking a venue and selling a few tickets. From finding speakers to getting permits, it is easy to feel like you’re drowning. And no one knows that feeling better than Jen Dille.

In today’s episode, She shares with you what really goes into putting on a TEDx event. And I’ll take you through what went into delivering my first talk at the TedxGilbert event and all of the trials and tribulations of making both of them a hit.

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I used this Story Cycle System™ illustration of my TEDx presentation as helpful tool for memorization and as a handout.

Stay tuned until the end and you’ll catch my TEDxGilbert presentation. If you would like to see how you can use the Story Cycle System™ to help your craft your next presentation, I show you how it works in this post: What My TEDx Talk Taught me About Storytelling.

In This Episode, You Will Learn

  • What actually goes into putting on a TEDx event
  • How to keep moving forward when you feel in over your head
  • How to tap into the people around you to get things done

Key Quotes

“Everything is always more complicated than you think it’s going to be.” –Jen Dille

“Be the mayor of your 5 mile radius.” –Katey McPherson

“If you are going to go through this process, you really do need to have an element of humility to get through it.” –Jen Dille

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