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Erik Deckers – Author & Humor Columnist

#48: Top Tips from a Humor Columnist on How to Tell Better Brand Stories

#48: Top Tips from a Humor Columnist on How to Tell Better Brand Stories

Business content marketing doesn’t have to be dull. Brands can invigorate their content marketing with humorous storytelling strategies using simple tips we’ll discuss in this podcast.  If you’re looking to take your B2B storytelling marketing to the next level, this Business of Story podcast episode is for you.

In this Business of Story episode, Erik Deckers discusses how to improve brand storytelling skills by keeping it simple, understanding no-bullshit-social-media-erik-deckerscontent marketing’s three-act structure, and adding humor. Erik knows a thing or two about entertaining through brand communications, as he is an award-winning author, humor columnist and owner of a business content marketing agency called ProBlogService

Humor plays an important part of every story, and there are simple ways to bring humor to any content marketing, especially in the B2B marketing world. Erik co-authored two popular books, Branding Yourself: How to Use Social Media to Invent or Reinvent Yourself and No Bullshit Social Media: The All-Business, No-Hype Guide to Social Media Marketing, which helps brands be authentic and infuse their stories with humor. Stay tuned for Erik’s upcoming e-book: 10 Content Marketing Secrets We Can Learn from the Giants of Fiction.

After listening, start crafting your compelling business story with our new storytelling strategy workbook.

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