Pamela Slim – Author and Speaker

#47: How to Turn Your Side Hustle Into a Fulfilling Career

#47: How to Turn Your Side Hustle Into a Fulfilling Career

What’s the story behind your professional motivations and accomplishments? Learn how to define your career utilizing powerful professional stories with Pamela Slim, award-winning author, speaker and business consultant who joins our Business of Story podcast to help you discover your professional freedom.


In this Business of Story podcast, Pam will touch on how to find the connections among your diverse professional accomplishments, sell your story, and continually reinvent your personal brand. We encourage you to read Pam’s newest book, Body of WorkFinding the Thread That Ties Your Story Together, which an 8-step framework built similarly to the 10-step story cycle. Body of Work takes readers through concrete steps with personal stories to reexamine how we define our careers and our lives.

Pam is well-known for her books and online community of soloprenuers, Escape from Cubicle Nation, a site designed for corporate employees who want the freedom of being self-employed. Remember to be intentional about the story you write for yourself to create freedom in your career through those professional stories.

After listening, start crafting your compelling business story with our new storytelling strategy workbook.

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