Michael Hyatt – Author & Founder of Michael Hyatt and Company

How to Use Story to Create Your Most Successful Self

#45: How to Use Story to Create Your Most Successful Self

Michael Hyatt, best-selling author and founder of Michael Hyatt & Company, joins Business of Story podcast to share how to make big life changes later, the importance of finding a mentor, and how to craft a bigger story for a better you.

platform-michael-hyatt-podcast-business-of-storyMichael writes, speaks, and coaches full-time at Michael Hyatt & Company,  an online leadership development organization that helps overwhelmed professionals get the clarity, confidence, and tools they need to win at work and succeed in their business and personal brand. One of his best-selling books, Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World, is a helpful guide to extending and monetizing your digital story’s influence by standing out from the noise.

In this Business of Story podcast, Michael shares:

  • Why stories are so important for our personal brand and professional lives
  • What goes into creating a brand story that resonates with audiences
  • The Three Rs and why they’re so important for storytelling in business
  • Michael’s professional journey, mapped out through the 10-Step Story Cycle
  • Practical tools and actionable tips to rise above the noise and be more successful through strategic storytelling techniques

After listening, start crafting your compelling business story with our business storytelling strategy workbook.

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