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#352: The Value of Visual Metaphors in Your Brand Storytelling

#352: The Value of Visual Metaphors in Your Brand Storytelling

You may well have your brand, sales or marketing story dialed in and feeling pretty confident about it clearly stating the problem you solve for your clients and customers.

But what’s bumming you out is that your story is not having the impact you believe it deserves.

Maybe it’s not your prose but your pictures. Or more specifically, perhaps you are not using metaphor in your storytelling as effectively as you can to connect on a deep, primal level with your audience.

Well, you’re in luck. Because Dan White joins us this week on the Bussiness of Story.

Dan is a visual storytelling expert and marketing insight innovator. He joins us to reveal why clear and engaging visuals are essential for communicating complicated ideas. Some of Dan’s contributions to the industry include identifying what makes global advertising effective, scrutinizing the potential for viral, search and ‘depth’ marketing, and championing innovative marketing measurement techniques. 

His frameworks and visualizations have influenced generations of marketers and are built into the world’s leading brand measurement, media evaluation and copy-testing systems including Kantar’s BRANDZ, LinkTM and Cross Media solutions and Unilever’s PreView & Brand Health Check systems. 

Dan’s career includes a decade as a marketing analyst, another as a brand and communications consultant and a third as a Chief Marketing Officer. Dan splits his time between client consultancy, training, platform speaking, illustration and writing. He is the author of two best-selling books, The Smart Marketing Book and The Soft Skills Book.

Join us as we explore the power of visual metaphors in your brand, sales and marketing storytelling and how you can use imaginative visuals to bring your marketing concepts to life.

Discussed in this episode 

  • What visual metaphor means and its significance in storytelling
  • How to create clear and engaging visuals to communicate complicated ideas
  • How the executive functioning brain works and its relation to brand development and activation
  • How to make your communications feel important and relevant so it becomes memorable
  • The power of originality and creativity in grabbing and holding your audience’s attention
  • What soft skills marketers need the most
  • The impact Covid-19 has had on our soft skills development
  • Dan gives us a 101 lesson on how to be effective with your technical skills in his new book, The Smart Marketing Book



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