Storytelling Workshops

storytelling workshops

Get your brand story straight in half or full day how to storytelling workshops

Most business leaders have important brand stories to tell, but few are being heard. Your messages drown in the sea of sameness. That’s why it’s critical to get your personal and professional brand story straight to achieve epic growth for your organization and your people.

Read on to learn about bringing Park Howell to your organization to present full or half day storytelling workshops to get your brand story straight and amplify your influence.

storytelling workshops

The brand storytelling strategy workshop will help you:

  • Appreciate why story marketing is more important now than ever to rise above the noise of the Attention Economy and be heard
  • Learn the powerful Story Cycle System to elevate your messages, connect with audiences and move them to action
  • Apply your new understanding to clarify your brand story and stand out

My promise is to re-ignite within you and your attendees the one true superpower we all possess – storytelling – to help you nudge the world in any direction you choose.

storytelling workshops

Attend If You Want To:

  • Clarify your personal brand story to grow your influence or professional brand story to grow your business
  • Dial-in the why you do what you do as your personal passions drive your professional pursuits
  • Create a powerful value proposition to make your offering timely, relevant and irresistible

storytelling workshops

The Proven Story Cycle System

The most obvious result of getting your brand story straight is to improve your marketing and grow your business. You will overcome division, confusion, turmoil, fragmentation and apathy about your brand by helping you:

  1. Grow your product or service offering as you define its position, promise, personality and purpose through a brand story that aligns with your mission and resonates with your audiences: customers, donors, supporters, investors, employees and vendors
  2. Grow team camaraderie as you build consensus around the foundational brand narrative everyone can live into and prosper from
  3. Grow your customer base by connecting their personal journeys with your brand story to be instantly relevant, useful and empowering
  4. Grow sales volume and ritualistic use of your product or service by serializing your brand story through your sales programs, advertising, content marketing and customer experience
  5. Grow your brand legend by providing all of your audiences with story elements to ignite word of mouth marketing as they become your brand evangelists
  6. Grow as a business leader by knowing how to share your origin/founder story that inspires people about your vision

storytelling workshops

Achieve a greater return on your marketing investment as you…

  • Lead more effective marketing across all channels
  • Create more consistent messaging
  • Capitalize on consumer trends
  • Enjoy heightened brand relevancy
  • Increase your customer interaction
  • Improve loyalty and retention
  • Inspire employee engagement
  • Build leadership consensus around your brand story

And that starts by getting your brand story straight through our storytelling workshops.

storytelling workshops

As the old story adage goes, “start with the end in mind,” click on the image and learn what I ask our attendees to do following the workshop to expand their storytelling chops.

Who Should Attend Our Story Cycle Workshop: 

Although everyone can grow personally and professionally by attending one of our storytelling workshops, emerging companies between $10 million and $50 million in annual revenue benefit the most. Why? Because they seem more receptive to the new ways of story marketing. They’re nimble, innovative and typically more disruptive in their markets.  Forward-thinking nonprofits also take great leaps forward when they get their stories straight.

Are you one of these folks? If so, Park will guarantee you will ignite your growth through one of our storytelling workshops.

  • Owner of a dynamic professional services firm who needs to clarify your brand story
  • B2B brand strategist who desires to connect with customers on a more human level
  • Content marketer trying to rise above the noise with your messages
  • Sales professional seeking to turn promotion into production
  • C-suite powerpoint pundit who must turn data into drama
  • CSR executive who wants to move your social movements further, faster
  • Nonprofit leader striving to profit from your communications
  • A business underdog wanting a leg up on your competition

That’s right, Park offers a 100% guarantee on the workshop. If you are not completely delighted with the outcome, he will reimburse 100% of your investment. Even if you’re only ninety-eight-and-three-quarters percent happy, as Dr. Seuss would put it, he’ll refund your money.

You have nothing to lose! Regain the one true superpower we all possess – storytelling – and nudge the world in any direction you choose starting with the epic growth of your company or organization.

Contact Park right now to start the process. If you’re still unsure, here’s what a few people have to say about the power of our storytelling workshops.

storytelling workshops

People Who Love Working With Park

“I thought the content was great!  Your approach to story telling is dead on and the supporting materials and tools I think would be very helpful to those trying to hone their story telling (selling, writing, counseling and coaching, etc.) skills.”   – Cliff Woodbury, Sr. VP. Marketing & Communications, Ewing Irrigation and Landscape Supply

“The Business of Story workshop was full of valuable information about the importance and usefulness of stories in many aspects of business. I attended this workshop for multiple reasons – to become a better storyteller in presentations, to use stories in my marketing and to help in writing a business book in a story format. Park provided a user-friendly framework for creating stories that I will be able to use to help with all of those areas. Park’s passion for stories is contagious and inspiring as well. My only complaint is that I wish the workshop was longer!”   – Donna Dobrovich, Leadership Coach

“I recently attended a taster version of Park’s storytelling class. Loved the model and plan to apply for my business.” – Lori Severson, Board member at Girls Rule Foundation

Park introduced his Story Cycle Process to a cross-functional team preparing a situational analysis for our strategy development process. The process is truly powerful, but without Park’s coaching and insights we would not have delivered a transformational outcome. The team presented their findings and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Our leadership commented not only on the thoroughness of the research but the creativity of the delivery and engagement with the audience. We continue to use Park’s process to break out of the corporate-speak and engage our employees in telling the story of our company. – Dan Killoren, Senior Planning Analyst – Strategy, Salt River Project

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