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#101: How to Tell Stories on Purpose to Grow Revenue and Amplify Your Impact

…in Business Storytelling, Jargon-monoxide. These are just three of many fellow storytellers, each with a focused brand position: Don Miller’s StoryBrand for small businesses. Michael Margolis’ Get Storied for large…

Park Howell

My next chapter opens on Donald Miller’s “Storyline Conference”

…I was introduced to Don’s writing and philosophy when I read, “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years.” It essentially is the story of Miller reshaping his own life to…

Park Howell
The 5 stages of grief as a business storyteller and brand storytelling

The Five Stages of Grief of a Business Storyteller and How to Get Over Them

…sorry for those who still don’t get it. They don’t appreciate that, as Jonathan Haidt said in his book, The Righteous Mind: Why Good People are Divided by Religion and…

Park Howell

Write, create, produce, and 12 other ways to develop a better storyline for your life

…have to make a concerted effort to make the characters, scenes, and action compelling. In the words of Don Miller, the host of the “Storyline Conference,” the past two days…

Park Howell

Three Reasons Why You Should Celebrate (and the Real Reason You Don’t)

“So when do we celebrate?” I know what you’re thinking, “Celebrate? We don’t have time to celebrate. We’re too busy getting things done.” But this is among the most important…

Andrew Robinson
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How to Build Empathy in Your Leadership Stories

…was also a great, effective leader. His men followed him into battle to historic victories. As effectively as Oprah leads, I don’t see her commanding soldiers in battle. Likewise, I…

Joshua Spodek

Have you had business storytelling up the Wazzu?

…today’s show,” I said to Don. “Uh… ok.” he replied. Don is smart. He’s a CPA, so he knows how to hedge his bets. He was all in on this…

Park Howell

“Got green?” and 10 other brand-curdling clichés to avoid in your green marketing

…neighborhoods, but they don’t have to inhabit your website unless you’re a solar-powered lawn service. Anyone can say, “All natural.” But if you don’t mean it, don’t use it. You’re…

Park Howell

What happens when you don’t own your brand story?

…is imperative that you share clear, concise and compelling stories so that your audiences don’t make up their own about you. Learn how by listening to Jonathan today. In the…

Park Howell
How to Harness the Energy of Your Brand Origin Story to Drive Your Business

How to Harness the Energy of Your Brand Origin Story to Drive Your Business

Storytelling is one of the most powerful, yet underutilized, forces to grow your brand, business and people Don’t you just love a good story? It has the power to transport…

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