Rand Jenkins & Michael Gass

#406: How to Find Your Riches in the Niches With Your Brand Story

#406: How to Find Your Riches in the Niches With Your Brand Story

My friend Greg Head, a guru in the start-up and hi-tech marketing world, and host of The Practical Founders podcast once told me that “Specialists eat generalists for lunch.”

I’ve seen that in my own work from running my ad agency Park&Co as a generalist agency back in the late 1990s and then finding a core niche of sustainable marketing starting in 2008.

But my services became laser focused in 2016 when now all I do is consult, teach, coach, and speak internationally on the power of storytelling in business leadership.

The wise master who initially helped me niche-down Park&Co and whose guidance has helped me refine my Business of Story offering is Michael Gass. He has been helping agencies internationally find their focused purpose through his company Fuel Lines.

Today, Michael joins Rand Jenkins, co-founder and director of marketing strategy for Mountain Mojo Group, a Flagstaff Arizona-based ad agency with a focus on serving independent, mom & pop hardware stores across the country.

Discussed in this episode:

  1. How Mountain Mojo found its mojo by focusing on the hardware industry.
  2. Advice from Michael on how to find, capture and own a profitable niche for your agency.
  3. Why blogging is still a great way to understand and own your niche.
  4. The difference between a personal and professional blog in capturing a market segment.


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