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#126: How to Tell Your Brand Story on Purpose With Social Media

#126: How to Tell Your Brand Story on Purpose with Social Media

I just read a 2013 study on U.S. media consumption that said we consume 33 gigabytes of information per person per day. That was five years ago. Imagine the growth in media consumption now.

As business storytellers, we have more online channels now than ever to share our messages. But your brand stories drown in this cacophony of communication unless you make your content marketing stand out.

It’s not about being better than everyone else. It’s about telling brand stories and business narratives that are uniquely your own. Authentic stories that illustrate how you are different. Because it is within your uniqueness where the treasure of your market advantage is found.

Author and long-time social media strategist Erik Deckers returns for an encore episode to teach you how to best optimize your online and interpersonal marketing. Author of No Bullshit Social Media and Branding Yourself, Erik’s books have helped brand marketers share their stories through all online channels.

Today you will learn about the Fichtean Curve and how you can use it to create a powerful story, the steps towards building your own brand, and the three things you need to do to create compelling content and a robust community.

In This Episode, You Will Learn

  • The importance of getting your story straight first
  • Why you should write every blog post as if it is an email to your mom
  • Three things you should do to get clarify your brand story to focus your business storytelling and build a robust community

Key Quotes

“Social media marketing has become just another broadcast advertising tool, where commercials interrupt whatever you’re doing and just shout at you to buy something. There’s no real communication.” – Erik Deckers

“We need to focus on the importance of treating people like people. Opportunities come because you communicate with humans, not data.” – Erik Deckers

“We get greedy, and try to get big numbers. The more you people who see your add, the more people will buy. But you can’t rely on quantity, rather than quality. It’s made us lazy as communicators.” – Erik Deckers

“Connect with people who do what you do, no matter if they’re customers or not.” – Erik Deckers

“There is no amount of social media that is ever going to replace one-on-one communication.” – Park Howell

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