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#453: How to Engage Hispanic Audiences With Your Storytelling

#453: How to Engage Hispanic Audiences With Your Storytelling

Hispanic consumers make up over 18 percent of the Total U.S. population, which equates to about 62 million people, according to the US Census Bureau’s most recent American Community Survey.

It is an important market for brands considering it grew by 23 percent over the last decade.

But a lot of marketers are missing out because they either don’t know how to connect with Hispanic consumers or are intimidated to try because they are afraid of making a cultural misstep in their communications that might do more harm than good.

Today, you’ll learn why the majority of US Latinos want brands to acknowledge their cultural heritage, to speak directly to the Hispanic community in a culturally relevant way, and how to tell stories that resonate with them.

Leslie Koch is VP, Social Media for TelevisaUnivision. Sshe shares with you how to reach and engage the Hispanic audience in a way that resonates authentically in culture through music, sports, and other passion points.

She emphasizes the need for authenticity and cultural relevance in marketing campaigns, particularly when targeting the Hispanic community. Leslie shares examples of successful campaigns that resonated with the audience by speaking to their experiences and passions.

She also highlights the role of social media platforms in reaching and engaging with the Hispanic audience and the challenges and opportunities in creating 360 campaigns that integrate TV, social media, and other platforms.

Discussed in this episode:

  1. Tailoring marketing and storytelling to specific cultures and communities is crucial for authenticity and relevance.
  2. Authenticity and cultural representation are important for creating emotional connections with audiences.
  3. Social media platforms offer unique opportunities for engagement and targeting specific communities.
  4. 360 campaigns that integrate TV, social media, and other platforms can amplify the impact of storytelling.
  5. Understanding the nuances and preferences of different cultures is essential for effective marketing and storytelling.


  • 00:00 Introduction and Small Talk
  • 00:55 Exploring Storytelling Across Cultures
  • 03:07 Leslie’s Background in International Marketing
  • 05:08 Lessons Learned in Advertising
  • 06:15 The Importance of Authenticity
  • 07:13 The Shift to Authentic Voices
  • 08:01 The Power of Personal Stories
  • 09:28 The Influence of Creators and Experts
  • 10:59 Balancing Authenticity and Expertise
  • 11:47 Tailoring Campaigns for Different Audiences
  • 14:23 Bilingual Campaigns and Cultural Relevance
  • 16:34 The Significance of Pride in Hispanic Culture
  • 18:29 Mistakes in Marketing to the Hispanic Community
  • 20:13 Cultural Nuances in Storytelling
  • 22:01 Avoiding Insensitive Campaigns
  • 25:18 Coordinated 360 Campaigns
  • 27:00 Measuring the Impact of Campaigns
  • 28:52 Choosing the Right Social Platforms
  • 31:53 The Role of Calls to Action in Social Posts
  • 34:37 Vertical Media and Platform Optimization
  • 37:11 Developing a Consistent Theme in 360 Campaigns
  • 39:30 The Growth of Univision and the Hispanic Market
  • 41:35 Impact of the Campaign
  • 42:20 Considerations for Storytelling to the Hispanic Market
  • 43:51 Catering the Story to the Platform and Audience
  • 44:37 Where to Learn More


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