Brandon Bornancin

#382: How to Use Failure as Fuel to Ignite Your Business Storytelling

#382: How to Use Failure as Fuel to Ignite Your Business Storytelling

Growing up in a difficult family financial situation was the impetus for Brandon Bornancin’s success. His mom worked at a grocery store and bank with no college degree. His dad worked at Macy’s. No college degree.

They lived off coupon clippings and bought their clothes at thrift stores before that was cool.

He and his sister were taken to endless garage sales to furnish their home.

His first job as a teenager was as a high school janitor working from 4 am to whenever the jog of scraping gum off the bottom of desks took.

Then he was introduced to sales in his second job at a call center for $7.50 per hour plus commission to get people to donate to the fire and police departments. That’s when he first recognized the power of storytelling to persuade and move people to action.

“Viewing everything as a positive opportunity. Life happens for you not to you,” is one of Brandon’s focuses.

The power of positivity will change your whole mindset.

Brandon grew his multi-million-dollar sales career but at the expense of time with his family. So he automated his sales prospecting with his new platform called Seamless.AI

Author of Whatever it Takes: Master the Habits to Transform Your Business, Your Relationships, And Life, Brandon is the #1 best-selling author of 3 books, a serial salesperson (sold over $100M in sales), eight-figure entrepreneur (2x), and motivational speaker who is obsessed with helping you maximize your success.

He wrote Whatever it Takes for his 500 employees at Seamless.AI. It was so successful with his people that they suggested he release it to the world.

On today’s show, Brandon shares the top three habits you can change to make your life and career easier and more profitable, because as he says, “Life if f’ing short!”


Discussed in this episode:

  • Always be coachable through a growth mindset.
  • Why it’s critical to improve one percent a day.
  • How he built a $12 million business in college and then lost it.
  • Hustle beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.
  • Why you might have a challenge releasing your genius because of your surrounding negativity.
  • Assume 100 percent responsibility for every part of your life: Don’t play the victim game.
  • The power of constructive paranoia.


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