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#452: 6 Keys to Conquering the Chaos to Grow Your Business

#452: 6 Keys to Conquering the Chaos to Grow Your Business

You are growing a robust business but at what cost to your personal and professional wellbeing?

Clate Mask, co-founder of Keap and author of Conquer the Chaos: The 6 Keys to Success for Entrepreneurs, discusses the importance of automation and process mapping in small businesses.

He emphasizes the need for entrepreneurs to find a rhythm of execution that balances personal and business goals. Blocking time for creativity and reflection is essential to keep your inspiration flowing.

We cover his six keys to success with the Personal Keys of mindset, vision and rhythm because you need to get this right to have long-term, balanced growth in your business and personal life.

The three business keys include strategy, automation and leadership.

The Personal Keys will help you prioritize and stay balanced while giving you a vision and rhythm to work toward your business and personal goals.

Without adopting the Personal Keys, you may have strong business success for a season, even a long season. But it will be accompanied by personal sacrifice and disappointment as you struggle to get your priorities right in the face of the chaos.

You’ll learn how all of the keys work together in a virtuous cycle because as you build mastery of the Personal Keys, your capacity to implement the Business Keys will increase. Likewise, as you master the Business Keys, your ability to focus on the Personal Keys will increase.

Discussed in this episode:

  1. Automation is a game changer for small businesses, helping them grow profitably and conquer chaos.
  2. Finding a rhythm of execution is crucial for balancing personal and business goals.
  3. Creativity and reflection time are essential for entrepreneurs to generate new ideas and maintain balance.
  4. Process mapping is key to reducing chaos in businesses and improving efficiency.
  5. Checking ego and being open to feedback are important qualities for effective leadership. Incorporate daily pauses and reflection into your routine to create a rhythm of execution.
  6. Check your ego and practice changing negative thoughts using techniques like the ABC method.
  7. Flip the coin to find the bright side of situations and embrace stress through understanding.
  8. Seek knowledge and understanding to conquer chaos and find freedom in personal and professional life.
  9. Utilize resources like books and growth playbooks to support personal and business growth.
  10. Work on personal relationships and commit to conquering challenges for a stronger connection.


  • 00:00 Introduction and Background
  • 03:00 The Evolution of Automation in Small Businesses
  • 10:03 The Key to Success: Rhythm of Execution
  • 15:55 Finding Balance and Creativity in Business
  • 20:12 The Importance of Blocking Time for Creativity
  • 28:29 The Cause of Chaos in Business: Lack of Process Mapping
  • 35:13 The Role of Integrators in Process-Oriented Businesses
  • 41:21 The Role of AI in Business Automation
  • 43:23 The Importance of Checking Ego in Leadership
  • 44:27 Incorporating Daily Pauses and Reflection
  • 47:27 Checking Ego and Changing Negative Thoughts
  • 48:20 Flipping the Coin and Finding the Bright Side
  • 49:43 Embracing Stress and Seeking Understanding
  • 50:06 Resources for Personal and Business Growth
  • 51:41 Conquering Chaos in Personal Relationships


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