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#468: How to Create Powerful Testimonials Using Audio Storytelling

#468: How to Deliver More Powerful Testimonials Using Audio Storytelling

Imagine a flying pink elephant bumbling into an Amazon drone knocking open a box of assorted rubber clown noses being delivered from ACME Circus Supply.

The humorous prostheses rain down on a dog park with a red nose lodging on the snout of a feral black cat.

The spectacle wrestles a mime away from his fake wind fighting and he chuckles at the irony; the first time he has been heard from in nine years.

The airborne pachyderm trumpets from her extended proboscis and glides off.

How much would it cost to produce that TV spot?

And yet it costs you nothing to deliver that picture to the theater of the mind in your audiences when you describe the scenario.

Did you picture it?

Maybe that’s why I still do an audio-only podcast.

Because nobody wants to see me sitting there while an interesting guest is sharing their insights.

I’d rather have you picture those insights. Become part of our storytelling.

To me, that’s the power of audio storytelling. It’s much more participatory and compelling than simply delivering images via video.

I’m excited to have Traci DeForge on today’s show to share how she uses audio storytelling to create powerful testimonials and produce amazing podcasts.

Traci has over three decades of expertise in Broadcast Media, Executive Management, and Fortune 500 Business Consulting.

She is the founder of Produce Your Podcast, a premier podcast consulting and production agency that incorporates podcasting into the digital marketing strategy of B2B and B2C companies.

With a diverse career spanning startups to Fortune 500 giants like Google and Hilton, she’s renowned for business development insights that drive innovation.

As CEO of Ladies Who Launch, Traci pioneered the Franchise Media Model, supporting women-owned businesses. An international podcast expert and speaker, she created the Podcast Management Academy, the industry’s only Podcast Management Certification Program and co-founded the Podcast Professionals Association.

Traci hosts the ”Growth Accelerator Podcast”, “Journey to There” and co-hosts the popular “Ask Brien Radio Show” in Los Angeles. Recognized by ABC, NBC, CNN, CTV, and American Express Open, Traci is a proud member of the Rolling Stone Culture Council where she leads the Podcast Member Program.

Today we’ll show you how to integrate storytelling into your testimonials, marketing around their products and services, and calls to action. Because as Traci says, “Your podcast is your platform. Share your stories for impact and conversions.”


  • How a well-crafted podcast can elevate you from the competition by building trust, loyalty, and connection.
  • The strategic use of audio in storytelling to evoke specific emotions and responses.
  • The impact podcasting can have on lead generation and conversion rates when the focus is storytelling.


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