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#407: How to Design Transformative Customer Experiences With Your Business Storytelling

#407: How to Design Transformative Customer Experiences With Your Business Storytelling

A beautiful thing happens when you place your customer at the center of your brand story and then deliver on the promises you make to them.

But man does it get ugly fast when you don’t.

That’s why today we’re focused on how you can use business storytelling to create transformative experiences for all those you serve.

Aransas Savas is an experience designer and coach at Stone Mantel, an experience strategy company, and the co-host of the Experience Strategy Podcast.

Drawing on her over two-decade career, Aransas combines behavioral science and coaching to partner with experience strategists at leading consumer brands, including Weight Watchers, Best Buy, Truist Bank, and Clayton Homes to create meaningful, and often, transformative, customer journeys.

Based in Brooklyn, Aransas is a 20-time marathoner, a wife to a newscaster, and a mother to a 200-year-old sourdough culture, a fluffy pup and two spirited, creative girls.

She uses storytelling as a central theme in their work to unify the complimentary, though often competitive, disciplines of marketing strategy and experience strategy. When we talk about promises made and promises kept, we are talking about storytelling that delivers on meaningful and valuable experiences and builds trust. Conversely, many brands degrade trust by telling stories that they just can’t deliver on.

Discussed in this episode:

  1. How Aransas employed aspirational storytelling techniques (while leveraging a strategic partnership with Oprah) to differentiate it as a wellness brand
  2. Why understanding the Transformation Economy is crucial if brand strategists want to tell stories that keep customers engaged & motivated over long periods of time
  3. Why measuring Time Well Spent, Time Well Invested, and Time Well Saved helps brands more effectively understand what customers perceive as valuable


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