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#398: How Hollywood Storytelling Can Humanize Your Hi-Tech Selling

#398: How Hollywood Storytelling Can Humanize Your Hi-Tech Selling

We all relish what the internet does for our lives. It’s a whole other virtual universe we live in that did not exist a few short decades ago.

But our online world is fraught with bad actors who will go to extremes to hack your accounts, seize your data, introduce worms into your operating system and generally turn your virtual world upside down raising havoc in your real life.

As a digital denizen, having your online presence buttoned down is a necessary evil to protect yourself from the worst of intruders.

But the cybersecurity industry itself is confusing, scary, and not particularly known for its open, human touch.

So how do you grow a cybersecurity firm without defaulting to arcane communications that make your customers shutter?

You use what today’s guest learned by spending five years working with Hollywood A-list celebrities to humanize your hi-tech storytelling.

Justin Rende, Founder and CEO of Rhymetec Cybersecurity Solutions, has watched the cybersecurity landscape change dramatically over the past 20 years, even as he spent five of those years working for Robert De Niro and Tribeca Films.

In 2015, Justin founded Rhymetec to focus exclusively on developing the most secure, simplified and innovative cybersecurity solutions. He advises his clients to adopt cutting-edge technology before it becomes mainstream, resulting in the most secure and cost-effective technology that scales with a client’s business.

“It’s ok to follow your passion and change your target. I used to work with large Enterprise organizations but realized my passion was with startups. However, I had to use storytelling differently with start-ups then with the buying groups at Enterprise orgs.”

Justin currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. He has traveled to over 30 countries, spent vast amounts of time working internationally. Justin’s progressive beliefs extend beyond technology to his personal life as he is always in pursuit of personal progress and innovation. Some of his interests include science and technology, global sustainability, cycling around NYC, social entrepreneurship, film, and fitness.

And as you’ll hear, storytelling is a major part of his success in this very complex world of cybersecurity.

Discussed in this episode:

  1. How working with A-list celebrities gave Justin the confidence to approach any major CEO about their cybersecurity challenges.
  2. How customer service is job #1 for any tech company.
  3. Even if you work in a complex industry you can make it understandable by using storytelling.


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