Sandy Dunlop

#260: 7 Marketing Lessons From the Myth of the Plague

#260: 7 Marketing Lessons From the Myth of the Plague

Humans have long been crafting myths to make sense of life and influence the way we respond to the world around us. Myths elicit emotions, feelings, fears, and reactions which make for powerful storytelling.

But the mythic structure has the power to shape collective emotion for good and bad.

Therefore, we’ll examine the classic myth of the plague as it relates to COVID-19 and what brand marketers can learn from these ancient storytelling structures.


Discussed in this Episode

  • Why the most iconic brands utilize the power of archetypal storytelling
  • The power of myth in storytelling and how myths benefit societies
  • In what ways myths can help frame communication and bring people together
  • How brands can use mythology to reunite the country and examples of brands who are doing such
  • How brands can play a role in shaping the myths we live by

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