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#384: Aligning Your Organizational/Life Purpose With Storytelling

#384: Aligning Your Organizational/Life Purpose With Storytelling

How well is your life purpose aligned with what you and your people value in your business?

How well does your brand reflect what you stand for in the world? Marketing pundits say that more and more customers are evaluating a business’s positive impact on the planet – its brand purpose – before they buy.

You’ll learn the power of aligning your purpose and values and how to tell that story.

Jeff Dudan is the Chairman and CEO of Homefront Brands, a platform of property service franchisors. He believes that the success of their franchisees strengthens the foundation of our economy, provides stability in the lives of our franchise operators, and expands the reach and relevance of the franchise industry sector, which reflects their purpose statement: Homefront Brands exist to inspire entrepreneurs to take action and positively impact communities, franchisees, employees, and families.

Jeff authored his latest book Discernment: The Business Athletes Regimen for a Great Life through Better Decisions. He is a Forbes contributor, speaker, and consultant to emerging brands as well as serving YPO as Chapter Chair of the Southeast Regional US Chapter.

Jeff’s journey as an entrepreneur began as a college athlete who founded a business to paint student housing. After graduation, he assisted South Florida in recovering from Hurricane Andrew, which led to the launch of AdvantaClean in 1994. As a leading national restoration franchise, AdvantaClean became a strategic partner with St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital to support families in need. In January 2019, AdvantaClean was acquired by Home Franchise Concepts (HFC).

Jeff’s family values include:

Live fun. Be humble. Respect others. Trust yourself to take chances and fail fast. Always do more than is expected. Never panic.

Discussed in this episode:

  • Learn how culture is an organization’s memory that lives in its stories.
  • How to speak a bold and powerful future into existence through your storytelling.
  • How wisdom is the accumulation of models of thought over time, and there is a compounding effect of the probability of success based on the decisions, good and bad, that you make.


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