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#419: The Art, Science and Storytelling That Creates Memorable Events

#419: The Art, Science and Storytelling That Creates Memorable Events

You have an event to create or a major presentation to make.

How do you have your audience leave with an experience that they will not soon forget?

Phil Mershon, Director of Experience for Social Media Examiner and author of Unforgettable: The Art and Science of Creating Memorable Experiences, is a dynamic figure in the world of producing remarkable events both online and off.

As the driving force behind Social Media Marketing World, he has become a sought-after speaker, author, and thought leader, inspiring countless individuals to create memorable experiences for their event attendees.

In his groundbreaking book, “Unforgettable: The Art and Science of Creating Memorable Experiences,” Phil delves into the intricacies of crafting impactful and unforgettable moments. Drawing from his vast experience and deep understanding of human psychology, he unveils a comprehensive framework for designing experiences that leave a lasting impression.

“Unforgettable” goes beyond mere theory and offers practical strategies and techniques to help readers transform their businesses and engage their audiences on a whole new level. Phil’s unique blend of art and science provides a roadmap for creating experiences that captivate, inspire, and drive meaningful action.

From small businesses to multinational corporations, “Unforgettable” serves as a trusted companion for anyone seeking to elevate their brand and establish a lasting connection with their target audience. Through Phil’s insights and guidance, readers will unlock the secrets to crafting experiences that are truly unforgettable.

Discussed in this episode:

  1. The three biggest problems that undermine event experiences.
  2. Anticipate what can create a negative story and plan ahead for how to create a positive alternative.
  3. Look for ways to use the snowball effect of compounding moments.
  4. Why you should always expect serendipity.


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