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#300: Ten Storytelling Tips That Will Ignite Your Sales

#300: Ten Storytelling Tips That Will Ignite Your Sales

I began my advertising career over 35 years ago as a writer and producer of radio commercials. Back then I had absolutely no idea what I was doing and had little to no guidance. So I winged it. Learned by doing. Loved it!

But in those clueless formative years, I uncovered a ton of invaluable insights on how to use storytelling to sell a product or service.

To celebrate my 300th episode of the Business of Story, I pulled my old cassette radio recordings out of the vault and selected 10 spots and a unique lesson in sales storytelling from each to share with you. Oh, and there’s a couple of bonus tips in here, too.

These story strategies are more effective now than ever, providing you have the courage to use them in your sales.

Discussed In This Episode

  • How to embrace the crazy (and take it to the extreme with how you tell the story)
  • Finding a sales story that is the opposite of what everyone else is doing, even as scary as that is sometimes
  • The power of empathy and communicating that you know the problems your customers need solved
  • Sweet, sweet nostalgia and how to use it to connect with your audience
  • The art of not taking yourself too seriously

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