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#346: The ABT’s of Branding: How to Romance Your Customer with Your Story

#346: The ABT’s of Branding™: How to Romance Your Customer with Your Story

You have an important brand story to tell and if you are compelling with your prospects then you can convert them to life-long customers. 

But you’re not connecting like you could because your brand narrative is muddled.

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Therefore, on this special Valentine’s Day edition of the Business of Story, I’m excited to gift you with the launch of my new ABT’s of Branding™ online course.

The ABT (And, But, Therefore) is the foundational narrative framework introduced to me by my good friend, Dr. Randy Olson back in 2013.

I’ve learned that the ABT is where ALL compelling business communications begin: from inspiring leadership presentations to compelling sales pitches to marvelous marketing messages to building camaraderie among your colleagues.

But it all starts with crafting an irresistible brand narrative that places your customer at the center of your story. The quick course is this:

  1. Who is your customer, what do they want AND why is it important to them?
  2. BUT why don’t they have it?
  3. THEREFORE, how are you uniquely equipped, better than anyone else, to help them get what they want through your product or service offering?

The power of the ABT comes in its use of the three forces of story: agreement, contradiction and consequence. Our cause-and-effect, pattern-seeking limbic brain  – where all of our buying decisions are actually made – loves this story form of setup, problem, resolution.

Today, I’ll walk you through all of my 3 storytelling frameworks and how to use the five primal elements of a short story for big impact to turn your prospects into life-long, brand-loving customers. I’ll also be sharing with you how you can take advantage of my ABT’s of Branding online course for free.


Discussed in this episode 

  • Why the ABT is the most effective and easiest three-step process you can use to start your storytelling
  • Breaking down the ABT and putting it into action
  • The three biggest mistakes people make when crafting their ABT
  • Why you need to stop making the story about you and start placing your customer in the center of your story
  • How to start with the setup and painting a picture of what your customers want instead of starting with the problem
  • Focusing on the outcomes on what you can make happen, not what you make
  • How to use the mighty combo of the ABT and the five primal elements of storytelling to tell an anecdotal story
  • Using the emotional pull of your own story to quickly connect with your audience




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