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#417: How to Reel in Your Audiences With Your Stories

#417: How to Reel in Your Audiences With Your Stories

There’s one powerful element of stories that we know but often forget.

Stories convey the truth that creates the trust we need to build with our audiences.

But sometimes we miss that trust-building moment because we’re so locked in on communicating the features and functions of our offering. While we’re being truthful in describing our product or service, our audience doesn’t care.

They want to receive value in our communications first. And that value is delivered through the memorable stories we tell.

What’s in it for them?

Steve Multer, Chief Storytelling Officer and author of Nothing Gets Sold Until the Story Gets Told: Corporate Storytelling for Career Success and Value-Driven Marketing, shares how to develop the audience-speaker relationship to build trust and move people to action.

Steve is a veteran industry-leading spokesman and trainer for more than 100 global brands including Cisco, Panasonic, Siemens, Fujifilm, HP, and Sprint.

As chief storytelling officer of his own strategic brand consulting company, Steve has designed, developed, and delivered over five thousand live talks and broadcast presentations that connect multinational corporations to their customers, partners, and media analysts.

As a trusted speaker coach, trainer, and enthusiastic evangelist for better corporate storytelling, Steve guides executives, thought leaders, and sales teams to stronger presentation content and increased communication success.

Discussed in this episode:

  1. The three pillars of connecting with your audience.
  2. Why you need to tell them what they want to hear.
  3. What the acronym for “Coach: means: Centered, Open, Aware, Connected, Hold


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