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#271: Can TV Entertainment Educate on Health and Societal Issues?

#271: Can TV Entertainment Educate on Health and Societal Issues?

Think about your favorite TV show. You feel bonded to the characters and invested in their lives. And through this connection, you began to see the world through their eyes.

But these characters and their storylines are fictional. How can they reveal a truth in your life? Especially coming out of Hollywood.

To answer that, Kate Langrall Folb, M.Ed., Director of Hollywood, Health & Society at USC’s Annenberg School Norman Lear Center, shares the depths they go to educate screenwriters so they accurately depict health and societal issues. Can Hollywood be one of our most powerful sources for positive change?

Discussed in this Episode

  • How TV storytelling impacts our lives and how Hollywood utilizes science and health experts to deliver relevant and accurate information
  • Why TV storytelling is more impactful for viewers than a PSA or news briefing and specifically how TV storytelling utilizes identification and transportation to create impact
  • How Kate Folb and Hollywood, Health & Society ensures accuracy around depictions of health, medicine, science, safety, and national security
  • The evolution of Hollywood storytelling in regards to how it depicts health and societal issues
  • How Paul Newman helped Hollywood begin to understand the impact its storytelling has on society

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