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#424: Ch. 4, Disruption: How Your Unique Value Proposition Will Win the Day

#424: Ch. 4, Disruption: How Your Unique Value Proposition Will Win the Day

In the first three episodes of the Brand Bewitchery series, we covered what is essentially Act 1 of the 10-step Story Cycle System.

In Chapter 1 called “Backstory,” you declared your #1 position in the marketplace: what you do differently and more distinctively than your competition.

In Chapter 2, Heroes, you prioritized your top three audiences and focused on your #1 customer as the central character or hero in your brand story.

In Chapter 3, you identified what’s at stake for your prospects and customers; what they emotionally wish to achieve, and what they physically want to invest in to fulfill their wish.

In today’s episode, we transition into ACT 2 starting in chapter four called Disruption.

You will identify what is changing in your customer’s world and how you are the most timely, relevant and urgent offering to help them navigate that change.

You will learn how to craft your unique value proposition (UVP) to find a clear theme for your brand narrative.

Discussed in this episode:

  1. How JFK rallied the nation around the Apollo Program brand to beat Russia in the space race.
  2. Examples of unique value propositions from iconic brands.
  3. The Adelante Healthcare case story demonstrates their 600% growth because of their effective UVP.
  4. How to use the ABT (And, But & Therefore) agile narrative framework to craft your UVP.


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