Brands want to build trust and connect with their audiences.

Trust is essential in storytelling because, in the end, customers should also buy your brand story – not just the product. Which makes brand storytelling critical to the success of your business.

Brand storytelling evokes emotions by combining visual identity and facts into one unique experience. It should be simple but also informative and compelling. Here are some questions to think about: 

  • Why is my product or brand better than my competitors’?
  • What is my origin story?
  • How am I representing my brand and story to my customers?

You’ve probably heard the old saying: “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.” And that rings true not only for interpersonal relationships but also for your company’s brand. So, what’s the secret of brand storytelling? 

Your website design is a crucial marketing asset you should invest in. If you build your website with your brand’s story at heart, you can greatly impact your customers and create a pool of potential customers.

But how does web design help you achieve this goal? 

Start your story with a compelling introduction  

You just need three key ingredients to start highlighting your brand story through your marketing materials: clear product imagery, subtle background video and creative copywriting. By combining these three into one, you get your magic formula that will make your visitors want to learn more about your product or services. 

Remember, your website’s homepage is at the heart of your website experience. So, it makes sense that it communicates clearly what you do and entices your visitors to explore your site further. 

This website homepage represented the new brand refresh for Avantpage, and their brand story and website design helped increase its new business by 30%.

Have a clear tone of voice and a strong point of view  

Today’s users need a lot of information, and they need it fast.  

They might be multitasking and paying attention to a few things simultaneously. In order to captivate their attention, you need to create content that is compelling, concise, informative, fun and engaging. This means not wasting your time on writing unnecessary words that don’t help them learn anything new.  

At the same time, you need to make sure you create and maintain your brand’s tone of voice and authority. Also, you need to give your visitors a clear path to reach the information they are looking for with ease.  

Give them a reason to read and find out more about your brand and its background story, as well as what makes your product page stand out.  

Emphasize your brand storytelling values  

Presenting your product’s features and functionalities in the best possible light is not enough if you want to cut through the noise and make your brand shine.  

Besides offering a solution to a certain problem, you also need to add human elements into your magic formula.  

Outlay the core values you and your entire organization are led by. This will clarify why you are in this business in the first place and what drives you to become the best at what you do.  

There is a huge difference between an outsourcing company that offers website and mobile app development services and an outsourcing company that believes that its products and services can help make the world better for everyone.  

Defining your mission and vision should be top on your list in order to share your full brand story with your world.

Tell your story with different types of content 

You don’t want your products and services to be boring, or even worse, difficult to understand for the average consumer.  

You need to create direct and well-structured content and experiment with various formats your users can easily digest, download and interact with.  

There is a whole range of content formats you may want to use, and do A/B testing to see which ones perform better. Some of them are blogs, videos, white papers, e-books, tutorials, etc. 

If experimenting with various types of content seems daunting, consider hiring one of the best marketing agencies. They will be able to offer you proficient copywriting and content writing services that will take your website’s content to a whole new level. 

Use a unique color palette that represents your brand

A key step in creating your brand story is establishing your brand colors.  

Choose colors that communicate your brand’s background story and complement the purpose behind your brand.  

Think of your audience when choosing your brand colors, and don’t forget that colors build a specific vibe and mood around your brand.  

Make it your own

Originality is the ultimate goal you should be striving for! Keep this in mind every step of the way.  

Lay out your differentiators clearly, combine all of the elements harmoniously and stick to them. You want to build something unique that people will memorize and talk about for many years to come.  

Now that you know how much design can help you develop your brand story and make it come to life, it’s time you choose the right custom web design company that will turn your vision into reality!  

Brand storytelling simply doesn’t work without the right design. Leverage the magic of web design to create a brand story that will inspire many future generations.


Mathew Reeves, experienced in online marketing, writes for business and for pleasure mostly focused on digital trends and web design. A huge people person, passionate about travel and books. Allergic to poor internet connection.