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Click to visit the site.

We don’t just create ad campaigns as a sustainable marketing firm. We launch movements. Our story is about igniting the growth and sustainability of people, products, companies and causes that are making the world a better place to live.

You can imagine the gigantic smile on my face when I come across websites like The Green Samaritan, a site inspired by the “Good Samaritan,” but with a green twist. I like it. And I love the fact that they feature our water-saving tip widget from the Water – Use It Wisely campaign prominently on their homepage.

The campaign’s easy-to-use sustainability message found in the widget fits perfectly with Green Sam’s mission of, “Being kind to your environment through refined, renewed and resourceful living.It’s extremely gratifying when a simple project you spearhead helps others. 

Click on the image to experience the interactive home water audit

Click here to experience the interactive home water audit.

Feel free to add our water-saving tip widget to your site. And while you’re at, check out our new interactive home water audit and share it with your peeps. That’s what it’s there for.

Thank you Green Samaritan for helping us to further ignite the growth our water conservation movement.