Captain Jared Nelson, Lee’s Ferry Fly Fishing Guide

From goofy giddiness about the adventure ahead, to raw seriousness, Captain Jared Nelson’s demeanor changed immediately at the back of the boat. “How do I get more customers?” the fly fishing guide inquired.

So I write this post about how to land more anglers with social media, and like an 18-inch rainbow striking a cicada, Capt. Nelson launches into his Tumblr blog: Captain Jared’s Lee’s Ferry Fly Fishing Adventure. It is an online creel he’s quickly filled with priceless pics, timely fishing tips, tasty links, and envious stories of catching world class rainbows on the Colorado River at Lee’s Ferry. Here’s a sampling…

Jared, I wish all of my clients moved as fast as you did on my recommendations. With action like that, my friend, you’ll net more customers than you can handle.

Fish on!