Ryan La Rosa of Hill & Knowlton, NY, with 50 of his newest fans from Camelback High School

I’ve been quiet on my blog the past several days due to chaperoning 50 DECA students from Camelback High School around Manhattan. A giant shout out to Linda Shaub, Ryan La Rosa and the incredible folks at Hill & Knowlton for sharing your afternoon with us.

Now that I’m back, the education continues with two speaking engagements next week for the American Advertising Federation – Phoenix, and the American Marketing Association.

Tuesday evening, the AAF invited me to share an encore storytelling workshop I ran for the national AD2 organization last fall called, “Storyteller or Marketer? It Pays to be Both.” It’s about using the power of story to develop their marketing careers. Here are event details, and a sneak peek at the presentation. Be sure to click on the presenter notes for the script.

On Wednesday, I will present at the American Marketing Association luncheon about how “Green” is NOT a sustainable differentiator.” It’ll be interesting because the panel discussion is on, “How Being Green Can Pay Big Dividends To Your Bottom Line.”

In two weeks, I will be working with AmeriCorp VISTA, a national service program designed specifically to fight poverty. We will review trends in social media for nonprofit development, and specifically how Social Venture Partner organizations world-wide can enhance the conversations around their causes.

If you’re a marketer in Phoenix, or care to visit from someplace like Bangladesh, I hope you come by and say hello. Feel free to bring your own tomatoes, too.