American and British forces ally to overthrow the tyranny of mindless B2B marketing in two business storytelling workshops in Liverpool and London this June

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Most business leaders have important brand stories, but few are being heard. We have a proven process to craft and tell compelling brand stories that will grow your enterprise and your people. And we’re honored to share it with you as we team with one of Europe’s finest digital storytelling agencies, Ph.Creative in two powerful workshops.

What You Can Expect

PH Creative’s master digital storyteller, Bryan Adams, and I promise inspiring half-day workshops as we guide you through the Story Cycle and persona mapping processes to get your brand story straight. You will leave the workshop motivated and equipped to connect with your audience on a new level and be heard.

Storytelling in Your Business

Whether you’re a business leader needing your team to buy into your story, a brand strategist looking to elevate your brand, or a content marketer hoping to be heard over the noise, this workshop will help put your strategy in motion.

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If you would like a preview of the workshop, just listen to the business storytelling podcast Bryan and I did earlier this year. After attending this workshop, you will have reignited the one true superpower we all possess: storytelling, helping you to nudge the world in any direction you choose. For further insight, check out the results other organizations have achieved using the Story Cycle.

Key Workshop Takeaways

  • Create your personal leadership story that will leave any audience in awe
  • Define your authentic brand story that differentiates you in a crowded market
  • Apply a powerful story strategy that helps you rise above the noise
  • Align your stories to create a narrative that your employees can live by and prosper from
  • Capitalize on consumer trends

Persona and Empathy Mapping

UnknownA truly captivating story is dependent on your audience. What do your audience want? How do they feel? What can you guarantee will resonate? Persona and empathy mapping enable you to unlock the answers.

To develop empathy for your customers, you need to walk in their shoes. Bryan will guide you through the process of persona and empathy mapping, enabling you to discover who your target audiences really are.

From their everyday routines, professional aspirations and the challenges holding them back, the combination of persona and empathy mapping allow you to dig deeper, igniting a lasting, emotional connection to your audiences.

In a fragmented digital world, it’s imperative for brands to transform their higher message into valuable content, compelling advertising and memorable brand. This section of the workshop will equip you with the clarity and insight required to elevate your brand to the next level, spurring your audiences into action.

Key Takeaways 

  • Increase your levels of audience interaction 
  • Cultivate an engaged, lasting community of customers
  • Attract new personas and grow your existing customer base
  • Create consistent messaging across multiple channels
  • Develop the insight to craft a story that resonates with your audience

Join me and Bryan as I head over there for two fun and informative business storytelling workshops that will turn your impotent narratives into important brand stories that connect and move people to an action. Space is limited, so register today.